Sometimes you just want to play - cardboard

Whether you need to test some cut designs, or just want to play, cardboard is a great, inexpensive medium. With all of the Proofgrade-materials shipping boxes you’re likely receiving, you might have plenty sitting around, but if you want extra cardboard sheets, Amazon has some great options.

I like the 12”x18” sheets but there are many sizes available, and shipping is free if you’re a Prime member.

Check it out!

Smooth, beautiful cuts!


Yep! Highly recommend! I went through cutting up boxes for the birdhouse, and it was tedious to the extreme! :grinning:


What settings are you using?

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Thanks for sharing. Another item for my wish list :sunglasses:

My local art store sells pristine sheets of corrugated too. If I ever really want to make that cardboard globe, I know where I’m going.

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Unless I’m running a job for someone it’s all play!


Very Cool; I mean Hot…!


.1305 thickness
170 Speed
60 Power

Glowforge Pro.


Cut for amazon amazon boxes: .118", 300/80 1 pass. 300/90 if I really want to be 1000% sure it’s cutting through.


Thanks for the settings.

I hope you don’t mind, I changed the title of your post and added the cardboard keyword. That way when I want to find it again, I’ll be able to find it with the search tool.

If you don’t like the change, feel free to change it back.


Great idea, adding the keyword!! sells cardboard flats too. They’re slip sheets for packing. Not sure if they’re different aesthetically but I’d guess they’d be cheaper.

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Wow, I’m surprised. I checked that Uline site, and they are about 50% higher. It’s always good to have options, and back up sources; however!

Thanks for the information!

I agree, good to have backups. And thanks for sharing, it’s good to know that Uline is so expensive.

I wonder if anyone has successfully gone to like a Target or Walmart and asked if they have a bin of boxes that can be raided? You gotta figure they have more than they can handle, I wonder if they instantly compact it or what? It’d be a mixed bag of quality and thicknesses, I’d guess, but might be a (practically speaking) limitless source.

There’s a custom box maker in Atlanta (and elsewhere, I think they were huge) that I bought from a while back, I wonder if they would sell sheet stock… let me see if I can figure out who they were…

Ah, Pratt Plus.

Turns out cheaper to go with that original Amazon link there too.

Sam’s club, and you don’t even have to ask. :grinning:


Costco, if you ask, will often give you as much cardboard as you can carry. Used cardboard may or may not have been compressed in use, so it’s not always a uniform thickness

Not quite instantly, but yeah, many big-box stores compact and bale cardboard onsite throughout the day.

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