Sometimes your laser needs a little help cutting


I have used about half of those. This difficult-to-find knife (from Excel, I think) has remained my go-to (mostly for paper cutting) for over a decade.

That Fiskars Easy Change looks promising, though.


I love me some Excel blades but this video forgets about another option for hobby knives, the snap-blade designs. These allow the blade to retract, have standardized replaceable blade cartridges, and makes it less likely that you will leave a dull blade on there for too long, since you can just snap a section off and have a fresh blade. No issues with rolling away or with blades coming loose.

The silver OLFA on top is made in Japan, and available on the shelf at home depot. The yellow one from NT Cutter is also made in Japan, and is available on Amazon. The orange one is from Yellotools, made in Germany, and available from their website. The white Avery branded one is also from NT cutter, but was a promotional gift, and I don’t know where they are sold offhand.


just ordered an easy change for the office. we’ll see how it goes.

interesting that when he talked about the exacto, this one didn’t show up, just the metal ones. this is the one i’ve used for a decade or more.

i have one of the slice knives. got it when they first came out. and he’s spot on that it’s difficult to be precise with because you can’t easily see where you’re cutting (and it’s not easy to line up on a straight edge). i almost never use it.

i find pretty much all the snappable ones to be ergonomically meh. and it seemed like from his video, he was looking for that as a feature.

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That’s what I found with those, too. I want to like it. It cuts nicely but, sub-millimeter accuracy in cut placement is often needed.

At the next step up in scale, I like these Gerber folding razor blade holder knives a lot:

… optimally, paired with really good Tajima blades:

I use a Milwaukee fast back II. Easy one handed operation, tough as nails.

Full review here:

Of course if they update their pick the recommendations will change, but right now it points to the fastback.

EDIT Wait no it points to a newer version that stores more blades onboard. Hmm I might need to upgrade someday but I doubt it’ll ever break so I might be out of luck.


I’d been using this small blade very regularly for weeding, when I finally broke off the tip. When I looked to reorder it I discovered one can only get it in the UK, so I must have bought it when I lived there in the late eighties. Apparently I’ve used it for many years at home and at work! I was able to find it on Amazon and just got my replacement. I like it because it is so light, small, but effective.

Stanley throwaway knives

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I always go back to my traditional round Xacto handle and #11 blade. The handle doesn’t get in the way and the round shape means I can roll the handle through my fingers easily, giving me precise control of the blade angle. This means I can do curves without having to reposition the material.


That looks like a good one, too!


while pricey I wonder if this might be a godsend for :glowforge: users and 3d print enthusiasts?

There have been some DIY attempts at this, too. For example:

I vaguely recall someone on YouTube briefly reviewing the Wondercutter.



I never followed up. I wonder how it turned out. Seems like it’s still in preorder.


That is the same unit that is available now from Micro-Mark! $400 from them and I assume immediate delivery.

I’d like to see a detailed review from someone I trust.

Exactly. I wonder if it’s any good.

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Oh how I love my Olfa. One of the best blades I’ve used especially for vinyl wraps. Put the black olfa blades in and rock and roll. I did make the mistake of grabbing one from HD and noticed it wasn’t the same angle opening as the one from Fellers. I call the one from HD ambidextrous because the angle notch is in the center rather than set to the side.

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