New kickstarter cutting tool

Another cutting tool:

Looks interesting but a bit expensive…?


This could be great for certain people but I agree with you that it is a bit expensive for an exacto knife on steroids.


Their estimated retail price is $390? Yikes.

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I don’t know… It looks pretty snake oily :-/. I mean, they showed brief shots of part of the device in action, but most of that was computer generated. I mean, you’ve been able to buy electric knives for a long time. I think this is in the ‘wait’ and see list for me!


Nothing new here…

Honda Electronics currently makes a few of these types of cutters.



The USW-334 can be found in the 3-400 range on ebay…
Or for $310 on Amazon US (CA link)

Best part is that it’s a real product and you can get it now. It’s just not fancy looking.


The only benefit I can see to this particular unit is the battery pack… However, because they were lazy, the device can’t be used while charging. Brilliant.


My favorite part was the narrator said “precise”, and the guy was cutting way off the line.


It can cut leather and leather!


Could be enabling for those with strength or pain limitations in their hands.


I’m now in that demographic (constant hand pain), but I’m the type that would use a chainsaw as a letter opener.


Looks dopey.

I was confused at first. I thought it was going to be something more than an ultrasonic knife. It was not. However, the cool thing is it got me looking at ultrasonic knives, which are apparently used to cut cakes! Neat!

Also, @dan and @GlowforgeStaff, could this be an option for the expansion slot, instead of just a drag knife?


*insert inappropriate joke about vibrations here

But seriously that would be a fun toy to have!

At another job I did the battery and charger pack for the Covidien Sonicission tool.

They had to add an audiable alarm to the system because early on there had been a few nasty accidents with the early prototypes. The device is pretty much completely silent because the cutting frequency is in the 40kHz range. You don’t bleed much from the cut either because it instantly cauterizes the wound - it’s designed to. To demo the product and how dangerous it can be they take a double-thick pork chop and cut a tissue slug out of the middle of it - in about 15 seconds. It always made a few of the engineers sick to the stomach when you think about the possibilities.

Cool battery pack though - the entire thing had to be gas-plasma sterilizable. Took us forever to figure out how to get the seals right and manufacture it on a consistent basis.


I mean, what’s next? Sonic hedgehogs? screwdrivers?


Linking to a This Old Tony video of a home made ultrasonic knife. Let’s call it an exploration.

I wonder if an old sonicare could be adapted for this?

another hardware kickstarter? hmmmm no thanks, don’t want to have to wait 3 years for tech now that is cheaper :wink: pass… someone should alert the fools backing that poc and let them know they can get one today for cheaper!