Son of a beach


18 inches tall from draftboard, painted by my daughter. Wife loves it. She kind of has a thing for the beach.

Edit: better photo.


Very cool! I’m thinking the way it was done is: paint the blue and green stripes first, then mask, then laser engrave, then paint white in the engraving, then peel mask. Is that it?


All cutting and engrave, then paint. If I had done the painting I’d definitely taken advantage of the mask. She did not.


Even more impressive painting, then!


Very cute! I love the color choices.


What type of paint was used for the lettering? I’m having issues with paint adhering to the residue at the bottom of engraves (or cut edges.) Currently, my method is, if you use enough, eventually it covers. I was thinking time to find some primer, but if there is a type that works…


It’s just acrylic paints from Michaels and Walmart.

The painter is very meticulous though so that might be a factor.


Love the colors! Your daughter does fabulous work!