Song Keychain - Looking for Tips

I teach high school business and my students are trying to find a way to make something like what is below on the glowforge. My students are researching how to attach the photo. Anyone have any ideas on what has worked for you? They were thinking of making two thin acrylic pieces and putting the photo between.

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Likely in the original it’s sublimation printed right onto it, but if that’s not an option I think either a sandwich, or choosing a line drawing that can be etched in would totally work.



I guess I need to research more about the sublimation. Do we have to buy a special acrylic to make that work?

Here is a bit out of the ordinary solution. You could laser a square the size of the pic so it would have a recess for the picture to sit in.

No special acrylic - but it requires a dedicated printer because the ink is different. There are posts on here about it - check some out!


This looks like a Spotify album keychain. If you google it, there are a ton of videos – one of the best ones I watched is DIY SPOTIFY ALBUM KEYCHAIN // diy spotify code keychain with Cricut (How To Scan Spotify Code) - YouTube
Really neat project for kids - but can’t legally sell them.

Waterslip decal might work. I think you’d have to spray a sealer over it to protect the image though.


Greetings -
Don’t want to hijack your thread, so I did a quick write up of my attempts to recreated the Keychain -

Song Keychain

I think it worked pretty well, and my child judged it as worthy of their consideration of effort to create more for their friends. So I’ll count it as a success. :slight_smile:



One of my favorite materials for decorating surfaces, non toxic and very user friendly. You just need access to a laser printer/copier.

Sunnyscopa Waterslide Decal Paper for LASER Printer - WHITE, US LETTER SIZE 8.5"X11", 20 SHEETS, STANDARD - Personalized Water Slide Transfer - DIY Custom Printable Water-Slide Decals


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