Sophia the First Amulet

I made this for my daughters 3rd birthday party. It was my first attempt using 3D engrave. I was very impressed, b/c I did very little to the image I found on google. It seems the 3d engrave is only an option on acrylic, so the edges are clear acrylic that I painted silver.


Wow! Great effects! I’ll bet she loves it! :grinning:

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That came out really well!

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Waaaaaaay cool! That really came out well!

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Really nice!

Holy smokes

Great job. The 3D engrave needs to have a material that is consistent in density and makeup. Hardwood doesn’t work because of the grain structure. Acrylic works great! great to see new things on the forum like this!


Actually, the 3D option is also available for the hardwoods and the draftboard. (It is not an option for plywood.) You amulet came out perfect in acrylic though! I imagine your daughter is going to adore it.

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That is so cool.