Sorry to leave


I am sorry to say that I am leaving the glowforge community. It has been a blast dreaming and seeing everyone else’s dreams through this forum. I have viewed it habitually for about a year now. The lack of being able to see progress in the product arriving, waiting, and the limits of the z axis are to much for me anymore. I wish everyone luck in there endeavors and hope you get the product you are hoping for.


Sorry you feel you have to go. (Do stay safe with your day job - sounds like a doozy!) :open_mouth:


Sorry to see you go, but here’s hoping you’ll come back to join us once the Glowforge is out in the wild. Best of luck to you.


Hey, thanks for the courtesy farewell. Be safe out there! Thanks for your service.


The forum will be less one great participant. Thanks for letting us know and wishing you all the best.


This, this is how to bow out gracefully. Not with the temper tantrum that many have had. Good luck in all your endeavors.


Good luck to you!


Sorry to see you go, and thank you for your service. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I hope you find something that works out well for your needs.


Thank you so much for your support - stay safe, and thank you for your service.