Sorting Projects

There isn’t a magical way to sort/organize projects you’ve uploaded, is there? I’d kill for even the most basic of filing systems. Heck, even a tag cloud I could put on things.

I’m not missing something wildly obvious, am I? I could totally be.


You can tag your posts here.

There’s zero organizing the UI.



It’s also possible for files to vanish from your dashboard for the UI, settings to be deleted, or unintended changes to be saved and the file not work correctly at a later time.

You’re better off saving everything in folders on your machine, with notes on settings.


That, at least, I have. I have folders and sorting on my home machine of every file. I suppose I should actually do the google sheets of all my settings that I keep saying I’ll do too.

I probably should have a text file with it noting any modifications to my settings.

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It’s not as convenient as in the UI, but when you lose details you had nowhere else because of a change or glitch, you’ll be glad you have them!


I use a google doc with two sections: project ideas and material settings that I like.

I color code the ideas by completion status.

I find that freeform works better for me than a sheet/db. Almost all my settings say something like

  • xx material
    • cut: 220/full/1x good cut no char. Maybe 210 if it runs thick
    • engrave: blah blah blah

So I mix notes and settings together. Ymmv but it serves me well.


I have all my settings in GF UI saved for types and thicknesses of wood anyway. Like “Ocooch Purpleheart 1/8 - Cut”

If I varied what I worked in beyond hardwoods I might need more notes. And who knows once I expand the hardwoods I work in?

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What I have done is to keep a solid set of actual results. Every time I get a new species or just testing to know what species an unknown piece is I run one of these…

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