SOS! Help! - Need use of a laser in Seattle

I need help. I have a Glowforge Pro unit that is on the fritz and I also have a convention next weekend I need to make products for. GF is sending a replacement part, but I’m worried it won’t get here in time, if it even works. This is make or break for my small business. About a day or two worth of cuts.

Is there anyone in the Seattle area that has a unit I could borrow? It’s strange to ask, I’m sure, but I’m desperate. I have the materials I need, I just need the laser to use.

Please message me if you would be willing to help a guy out, and cheers to you all!


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I’m nowhere near there, but I’ve edited your title in the hopes of getting it the attention it needs (there are a lot of “Help!” posts out there)

Good luck!


I’m across the water in Bremerton with a Basic, and may be able to help out some if others aren’t able to…


Thanks, I think Bremerton is a little far, but we’re keeping options open at the time, so I’ll get back to you!

I think there are some maker spaces (one around SLU) that have units, maybe not GFs, but may be able to make use of…

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I appreciate the help and support here, especially the offer from @bansai8creations. Luckily, we found a solution with a local laser cutter to get enough done in an hour, and have a new part from GlowForge on the way to fix the unit!

I think I can breathe now…


I have a Glowforge Basic and I am in Lake Forest Park. If you need more laser time I’d be willing to help you out.

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