SOS if someone is willing/able to help ~

SOS ~ Hoping this is ok to post(?)

I’m urgently seeking someone who can whip out a jig for me, for leather key chains. I need it tonight if possible, tomorrow at the latest ~ engraving for my son’s football banquet.

(Yes, I know I could do it myself ~ but I am in the middle of a medical treatment & need to get help & have someone make it for me :upside_down_face:). I can pay/do a trade/whatever….

This is a photo of a single I engraved, & I can provide the specs. TIA!!

Edited to add specs (as listed by manufacturer):
Size (Leather) *3.20 x 1.20 inch
Size (Chain) *2 inch

The jig for this would be a simple rectangle that is the same size as the keyring (minus the clip).

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Yes, I’m not at a computer (using my phone while at the dr.) - trying to see if someone can make it and post or message it to me. (willing to pay)

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Better yet, a series of U shaped holes. No need to fool with the ring at all.

Like so:


Send it to the OP, she says she will pay.


Here’s an attempt, it’ll do 10 keychains at once cut out of .125 (1/8") material. If you need more than that you can copy/paste the entire thing in the GFUI. The cross bars are to run across the top just south of the chain attachment (in case those don’t want to lie flat) - you could also use tape or something but sometimes that messes with leather.

Donate $20 to a homeless charity :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh ~ you are my angel today! :heart: Seriously, THANK YOU. Had a crap day, dealing with an unexpected medical treatment (& news that I’ll need more). Of course all hitting during my busiest work week (& holidays). Thank you for being the one thing that went right today! :upside_down_face: I appreciate it so much. (Donate I can do - but still messaging you!)


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