Sound Dampen Suggestions (Easy Fixes)

This is not a new topic, but hoping for insight on a light maker type like me who aren’t able to build a muffler box (it’d make my machine too high for short me). Wrapping the hose with insulation is limited as I can’t open the window due to clearance. The machine is roughly 75db right up to it and down to 65db when I walk 10 feet away from it to the room door. Over the long run, I think I need to protect my hearing

I think only options is me to put a mat underneath the machine and maybe glue carpet on the mini-table underside. Maybe lean sound panels on the corner walls. Of course wear ear mufflers for longer jobs. Any other suggestions?

I’m also trying to be ‘nice’. My neighbour’s tenants entry door is roughly 20ish feet from my vent to door? They always have that door open all the time when they are home (even in the dead of winter)

Legally, my machine is not breaking any bylaw. If it’s 65db to my room door in my home it should be below that at their door (55 to 70db allowed 7am - 10pm on week days). Most of the time, I’d run it between 5pm and 8pm if I do. I don’t like my neighbours tenants (insert rant here). I’m trying to be nice anyway.


FWIW, and I know you have different reasons listed, OSHA doesn’t even have a listing for 75dB. They use a time-weighted average system. For 75dB, you’d have to be listening to it for 32 hours before you hit the train worker about noise and give them hearing protection if they want to use it. At 85dB, that warning level drops to 8 hours.

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If you go this route, be sure not to block or restrict the intake vents located on the bottom right. :wink:


I make my kids wear the mufflers anyway. Over protective mom :slight_smile: My husband works with cellular sites and even though it’s a low hum, when exposed to it for hours a day, it has long term affects on hearing. Older co-workers got workers compensation for it before they knew that was a work hazard. He has to wear mufflers if he’s on site for more then a few minutes. It’s loud enough for me to be concerned for them, which means I have to wear them.

Not sure why the window opening is an issue but insulating your hose will definitely help reduce noise (at least inside - not sure anyone has done any testing for outside noise attenuation). Home Depot sells hose that is about 6" outside diameter and 4" hose - the rest is an insulation layer. It’s pre-made so you just cut it to length and use it in place of your current exhaust hose.

It’s the way I have to open the window. I have to stick my arm under the hose and crank a handle. Using the insulated tube would mean I have to shift the machine over or unclamp the tube each time. I may readdress it if other ways dont dampen the sound well