Source for 1/16" clear, colored acrylic?

I am trying to find 1/16" clear acrylic colors in small sheets, and having a hard time. The big vendors don’t seem to have clear colors thinner than 1/8". I found 1/16x12x12 clear colored sheets on ebay, which is just about perfect, but the shipping is a total killer as the per sheet fee is not combined in the cart.

If anyone has a better source, please share!

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Delvies is about the same price. I can’t speak to their shipping.

That’s a new vendor to me, thanks.

Oh, drat, in 1/16 they only have red. It’s worth asking them about other colors though.

For clear (not colored) I am using Home Depot-sourced acrylic intended for picture frames. I posted the info a while back but it’s easy enough to find on their site. I think it’s extruded, but cuts and engraves just fine. Primarily for display items and things like jar labels, dog tags, etc. - which I typically paint, mask, engrave, paint again to get the 2-color look.

Don’t know if that helps. I like it because it’s cheap enough and locally available.


Seems to have 1/16".


Good find, thank you!

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I’ve been using the clear stuff from Trotec. They have it under “Acrylic-PPE materials.”

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Unfortunately I don’t see clear colors in 1/16 there.

I have to contact E&T but since it says “ask for a quote” that makes me suspicious that it is expensive. :stuck_out_tongue: Amazon Prime has FAILED me!

Ah, sorry about that. I have an account with them. You can’t see prices unless you sign up for an account.

I can’t remember which one is 1/16th, because I bought a few different sizes, but I think the 1/16th thickness was about 6 dollars for a 12x24 inch sheet. It was no more than 6 dollars because the ppe acrylic was super cheap. I’ll check in the morning.

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