Source for Delrin?

The wifey is wanting some leather “stamped”




In terms of price: oddly, inventables wins on black, but professional wins on white.

If you know you want a lot and have a bandsaw… you can get full sheets from professional plastics and it gets really cheap per square foot…

I also happen to have a location of professional plastics less than a mile from my house, so shipping isn’t an issue, I’d just pick it up there. YMMV.


I use McMasterCarr

About the same price as inventables, They ship really fast


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If you’re in CA, OR, or WA you may be near a


There are lots of people selling it on eBay too.

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Best I could find was

$13.60 for 12"x 12"x 0.25"

$49.95 for 12"x 12"x 1"

I have a hobby leatherworking businses and look forward to using my laser to build durable stamps for my press.


I agree that ePlastics seems best even after the shipping costs.

That slick feeling characteristic of Delrin, makes me wonder if the standard 5 gallon buckets are made of it?Edit- I guess it’s HDPE.

I think the cost would prohibit that. There are a few materials that “feel” very similar. I use UHMW for some things, and it feels very similar, though I haven’t looked to see if I can laser it yet (so I haven’t)

I believe a lot of buckets are made of HDPE

you edited while I was typing. lol


Hey man, now that you have had it a while, how does your pro fill your expectations?

I love it. Very few issues, and of those, most have been a problem between my chair and keyboard.
Now that we are getting hot here, I get orange buttons in the afternoon, but I know that and plan accordingly to make the most of it. I run it 6-8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, so it’s getting a work out.
I use the passthrough almost daily, so I am glad I got the pro. Based on posts here, my alignment might be one of the best around.

You still need to come down. :smiley:


Yes, I do! There seems to be a never ending cascade of things I need to do -now.
Wedding coming up, shower/party in a week I have been repairing and painting most of the interior walls, and now need to focus on cleaning…
Next comes a gauntlet of laser work for various wedding themed things.
Glad to hear your glowforge is a good fit. From what we did together with the PRU, I thought it would be.
Someday Curt, I want to see your business, and meet your dogs!

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