Source for etching blanks

Hello All
I would appreciate any assistance. My wifes church group would like to do a project for the girls to make there own bracelets. Anybody know a good source for anodized bracelet blanks, or copper blanks (thought Cermark is expensive it’s for the church so - got to do what you got to do) .

I did search the forum best I could and Johnston’s.
Thank you for any help Ryan

I’ve heard The Ring Lord is a good source. I’ve not bought anything from them though.


Google yielded this immediately:

Looks like they offer discounts for some organizations.

3 Likes is a pretty good source too.


I’m not sure how this works but bear in mind that you only have a bit under 2” of clearance to play with. A pre-bent bracelet is probably shorter than that? I’d just keep an eye on the dimensions.

The blanks I linked are flat and you bend them so you’re all good.


The Ring Lord also has a tool used to shape the flat aluminum bands into a wristband. Although you could make one yourself fairly easily as he’s often out of stock on the shaping tool.

This link is the page with his flat blanks & it has a video on how to shape the bracelet.


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