Source for material similar to proofgrade basswood plywood?

I use a substantial amount of proofgrade basswood plywood and I’m beginning to get low on my supply of it.

Unfortunately, it’s been sold out for some time and looks like it may be for quite a while.

Does anyone have suggestions for a source of material similar to proofgrade basswood plywood? Ideally pre-cut and pre-masked. I’m more than happy to pay to NOT have to prep the material myself.

Watching with interest, but I’ve never seen another wood supplier sell with masking pre-applied.

Of course there are dozens of sources for non-masked materials, many have been shared here over and over. From true wood suppliers, to those who sell on Amazon and thru eBay, even big-box stores. Search for “materials”…

1 Like and Johnson Plastics Plus both sell wood with masking applied, but I don’t think either of them has basswood.


Would never had dreamed JP sold wood.

I have been dealing with JP for years. I have a sublimation system I bought from them. Their inventory has grown tremendously over the years. I can’t go on their site very often or I find myself buying materials that I want instead of need.

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