Source for small wood boxes and trays

Was showing my daughter some of the boxes I’ve done and she pointed me over to PaperMart.

Seems like a nice selection for some semi custom jobs. And would definitely save :proofgrade: YMMV


Nice find, no need to reinvent the wheel if there’s a wheel that fits.


With the removable lids you can have the best of both worlds. And confuse people with the lack of finger joints :neutral_face:


That’s exactly what I was thinking, ordered some slide lid boxes, some bentwood boxes, the drawer boxes and pine tray.

Shipping to my drop shipper in Florida was reasonable $19, to ship directly here $128 (almost more than the order!)

It will take a while but will update on quality/performance when I get them.

Kind of like my modified box here:

Definitely don’t always need to build the box to make it custom.

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