Sources for Thin MDF Panels


I am new to using the Glowforge system and I am attempting to find a source for thin MDF panels from a supplier that has been proven to cut and engrave properly on a Glowforge. I think the Proofgrade Draftboard is MDF, but I am looking for a supplier that offers 3/32" and 1/8" or 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. I need such thin material for model scale projects.

Any help is most appreciated!

I am located in the Midwest United states, if that helps!

Good news: 1A is here to help.

The only tricky part is gonna be that 2mm. It’s a lot easier to find 3mm.


Thanks @evansd2 for the direction! There is a lot of good info in there! I will be checking out Home Depot and some of the other big box stores in my area, as well as a cabinet shop in the next town over. Wouldn’t have thought of that without the other forum posts!

Home depot is a pretty unlikely source for MDF that thin, but it’s worth a shot. Maybe you’ll get lucky?

I buy 1/4 at home Depot all the time, but have never seen 1/8"

I’d suggest you reconsider the need for MDF.
It’s sawdust held together with glue. At such thin dimensions MDF would just crumble. (I don’t believe its even made any thinner than 3mm)

Most model makers I know use styrene, mat board or birch aircraft plywood when they need super thin stuff.

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Or basswood. It’s available in 2 mm or 3 mm.


Mine sells 1/8" but only in smaller “project” sizes.

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