Sourcing a Halon Fire Extinguisher In Canada?

I’m having a tough go finding one for my little workspace when my machine arrives. Any suggestions? Has anyone brought one over from the USA?


I bought one of these last September, but I’d suggest you do a search of the forums where there’s a discussion or two on the matter.

H3R Performance HG250B Fire Extinguisher


Thank you!

Bookmarking this because I need one too!

God they are so expensive (but the glowforge is more expensive so I will deal ;P)


It looks like Halon is illegal in Canada, that’s probably why it’s so hard to get. It’d be nice to find a cheaper alternative though to what was linked above.

you want halotron. halon is illegal in the US as well. like this one:

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And that’s what I get for using google autocomplete to finish my searches for me!

I picked up one of these:

Nice little unit, but I haven’t had to try it yet!

WTF is a robot check?

He’s great at balancing my back accounts.

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