Sourcing Acrylic

I’ve noticed the Glowforge store is out of most acrylic colors right now, and particularly 1/4" options.

Where are folks finding 1/4" acrylic that’s pre-cut to 20x12"?
I’m having trouble sourcing it online, everything seems to be 1/8"

Many thanks!

You will likely get more specific answers presently but, this is a frequently-asked question. Lots of good answers in previous threads:

Tap Plastics, Johnson Plastics, Amazon, Etsy, eBay and many, many more.


Adding to list, eplastics, delvies, local sign stores, Inventables and many, many more.


Not much for 20x12. More 12x12 or 24x12

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I wasn’t paying attention to this bit on the first pass.

24” x 12” is a common size and, I have bought some of that. It is very easy to cut it to fit with a utility knife, straight edge and table edge. I measure 4” from one of the appropriate ends, score as deeply as I can with a pass or two of the utility knife, then snap the piece off over the edge of a table.

I use a steel safety ruler like this because I like not cutting my hands with razor knives:

Then it fits in the Glowforge.


Professional plastics will cut to size. If it were me I’d ask for 19.5x12. 20 is a tight fit, I wouldn’t want them to be just a bit too wide.

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