South Carolina Wooden Map

Here are all of South Carolina’s counties cut out of proofgrade Walnut, Cherry and Maple plywood and glued onto a piece of 1/4 inch MDF. Since I cut the whole thing out on each piece of plywood, now I have everything ready to make 2 more of them.




Oooh! Nice county map!

Really neat effect and well executed!

Nice map, the contrast really helps the counties pop!

Soooo, do you have an Ex that lives in Clarendon county? Just wondering why they got the knothole? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Great map though, love the contrasting colors.)


I know for a fact that the “knothole” should be in the upper coastal maple area! :wink:

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This came out amazing! South Carolina must be unusual in that you can represent all the counties with 3 colors without much touching of adjacent colors—I thought it would need 4. Quite a job to figure out which colors to choose!

The different grains and colors are wonderful to look at together. The veins at the bottom looks great, too!

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Yes. I’m holding out doing this until there is one more color of Proofgrade to complete the four color map problem. Would be neat if they had a red oak or something like that which would go in well for the final contrast.

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If you are willing to use hardwood, they do have more colors. Proofgrade Red Oak, Poplar, and Basswood were added several months ago.


That is awesome! It actually reminds me of when my BF gripes because in WV there are 55 counties that he had to learn all of them plus their county seats in grade school. Now he lives with me in DE where we have 3. :wink:

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