Souvenir Award for Charity Event

One of my colleagues organized a little bike competition to collect funds to benefits a health organization. I proposed to design and produce souvenir awards for contestants. I needed to produced 8 of them so I got some acrylic (Black, Transparent and Green) and also ordered some anodized aluminum to display date, category, names.
I wanted to experiment with the following:
- Engraving (done in the back of the transparent acrylic and simply turned over).
- Parts fittings (yes, this required using kerf and making sure things fit but still hold)
- Some assembling and gluing acrylic together. Successful but not easy, especially with transparent acrylic so as to avoid marks.
- Precision cutting acrylics at various depth (finding right speed and power)
- Engraving Anodized Aluminium

For the design, I used Illustrator to recreate the shield for which I used a font that is the one traditionally used for road signs. I also found an SVG for the little bicycle that I had to “fatten” up a bit so that the engraving would work great.

Challenges I went through:
- I did not have too much of the dark acrylic so I had really to fit things on the glowforge and the camera was a bit off from the reality. I think the positioning of parts when looking at the picture on screen could be better. Next time, I tried to leave more margins for error.
- Gluing the acrylic together was a bit difficult). I think that I would have rather use a cut (play with kerf) that would have been tighter so as to use only the slightest glue possible,
- I did not have any appropriate tool to cut the anodized aluminum. Although results were OK using an x-acto knife with several passes and then bending the aluminum till it broke, I wish I would find a better way.

The engraving of the transparent acrylic took the most time at 1hour and 40 min. Cutting was easy and super precise. Once I found the right parameters for the Aluminum, I achieved the detailed effect I really wanted.

Let me know if you have questions or better: Feedback!

Size 2.5 x 3 in


They look great! :grinning:


Those are great!
I’ve heard of the Mt Baker hill climb, but not the 520–is that from Redmond up to MS campus area (148th ish)?


I did the Mount Baker ride a couple times. It is called “Ride 542” if I remember the pair of socks I got there. This was just local to some riders in our bicycling email list. Climbing the 520 Hill from Redmond on the bike path…

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Oh, very nice job! Lucky folks who get them.

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Nice. Although I’m tired just looking at it.

Lovely use of the combined materials!

I’m curious.,. You say you glued. Did you glue to clear to the black or was that kerf-fit?

Tried to glue the green and transparent acrylic together. Fit the assembly in the black openning and glue shut by effect of absorption between the pieces.

I think i did several tries at recommended kerf but had to add some for a tighter fit

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Good job. Save the files you will be doing these next year.