Space Ornaments Kickstarter - Made Possible by my Glowforge!

I’m a space geek, and for a long time I’ve wanted to make a set of space capsule Christmas ornaments. Without having my own laser cutter to do the prototyping, it wasn’t worth it.

When I got my Glowforge I was able to dive in and try out designs, see how they looked on the materials, etc. I moved around the loop so it would balance right. I added details. I was able to iterate and hold the results instantly! I love being able to do this!

Then I started to think there might be other folks who wanted a set, so this morning I launched a Kickstarter to sell them:

If the campaign is successful (but not too successful), I’ll be doing the wood and acrylic ornament production on my Glowforge.

Is this the first Glowforge-produced Kickstarter? Is anyone else planning a Kickstarter project with their Glowforge?


Those are absolutely cool! (And you’ve already got your tree up! :smile:)


Ha! I had to borrow a fake tree, because for some strange reason there aren’t any Christmas tree lots open yet in October when I shot the photos!



And yes, I did think the mirrored ones were clear acrylic until I read the description.

How are you planning on doing the brass versions?

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Yay space nerds! backed!!!
(I won 2nd place in the Oddyssey cover contest and got the entire Apollo patch set! )


The brass ones are done by Ponoko, who I used to use for laser-cutting before I had my Glowforge, and who also do photo-etching. They’re a great bunch.

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You’re the first! Thank you!!

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If my dad were still around, he’d love these! Very neat.

If your campaign doesn’t work out (and even if it does), you could consider Etsy or the like. Plenty of interest in things like this.


just a thought/marketting idea. Ornaments are a pretty niche occasion but if you also design a desk stand for them then they become an ornament AND a task personalizing item.

More uses, perhaps more backers


Great designs! What made you choose Kickstarter over something more immediate, like Etsy?

On the laser-cutting side, so I’d have some gauge of the popularity and how much material to order, so I could save by doing a bunch at once rather than doing a few boards at a time and having to pay shipping more often.

But more so on the brass side, because that runs almost $300 a sheet (I can fit multiple sets of ornaments on a sheet), which is a bigger chance than I wanted to take without the pre-order commitment that Kickstarter provides.


Awesome design - best of luck with the Kickstarter. We’ll all be rooting for you!

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Wow, that walnut is very appealing against the green pine needles. Best of luck with your kickstarter!

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Success! I reached the goal with five days left. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and even some financial support!


These are fantastic

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