SpaceX Starship MK1 and Super Heavy Booster

I made a SpaceX starship model out of 6mm MDF for my 3 year old son.
It snaps together no glue needed, just need to manually cut a little bit of MDF after Assembly of the Starship and the heavy booster so they will fit together.

I also spray painted them, the booster is all silver and starship is half silver half black. Sorry for my very quick and dirty paint job.

I also etched lines on the pieces witch look nice. There are only 3 grid fin instead of 4 couldn’t find a way to fit it but it looks nice with 3.

Cut the red lines and score the green lines
Super Heavy Booster.pdf (7.8 KB) starship MK1.pdf (28.6 KB)


Nice gift for your young astronaut. Thanks for the file.


I’m sure he was wowed! Love doing things for the kids.

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