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I was over the moon when Hobbycraft decided to sell the GF in the UK. I bought the pro and the airfilter. When I read the difficulties getting the cartridges in the US, I had my faith in Hobbycraft so I decided to get a spare. Little did I realise they dont stock them. I cant understand why a company would sell an expensive (be it wonderful) bit of kit without the aftersales bit. Disappointed & unable to find any suppliers in the UK. Anyone know better?


Is there no way possible for you to vent the machine outside? Those filters are outrageously expensive and can fill up in just hours depending on what you are cutting.


There are other UK-based filter systems for many different uses. You will need a minimum of 400m3/hr to clear the machine. When the volume gets much less than that, the filter will need to be changed. In theory, you could just take apart the filter, and replace the top layer with a regular A/C filter and get quite a bit more use out of it. That is what fills the soonest and the rest could last 4 or more such changes. A washable A/C filter on top washed frequently will also extend the life of the rest. If you leave the filter working for at least an hour before and an hour after (or 24/7) that also extends the life.


I am currently working in my dining room but the only window is the one facing our ongoing high winds and pouring rain so I cant vent it outside. I plan to change rooms when our extension is finished but until then …

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An excellent place to have a ventilator come down from the roof with a gadget on top that would use the wind to help.

We have heavy rains and lots of wind here in Tennessee…so we cut a piece of outdoor grade foam insulation to fit the window opening, added a dryer vent with a flapper that closes when not in use and has a hood with a grid at the bottom to keep things like rain and critter out. We also got a set of screw in window locks to keep the window secure. This set up has been in place since April of 2021 and it’s still working well. Well worth the $50 and a bit of elbow grease. Just a suggestion…


I did very similar but it opens to the carport and not the teeth of a gale. As long as high winds are not pushing in harder than the exhaust is pushing out you are golden. (the photo says Nov 2018 when I got the new roof and used this bit of scrap from it)

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Yes, very similar to what we did except ours is horizontal rather than vertical; it looks like the same vent we used as well. Nicely done. Emoji

Becky J Barrow

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