Speak Friend and Enter

The husband of a friend of mine, spent considerable time diagnosing and fixing my car, not to mention the money he spent on a few parts. He didn’t want to be reimbursed.

I wanted to show my gratitude but didn’t know what I could do. That is until I visited their house one day and saw him using a book as a mouse pad.

He is a LOTR fan so the design was a given. I think it was fitting.

This is four layers, bottom is a 6 oz leather that I oiled and waxed for protection. Sandwiched in between is 2ml EVA on top of Worbla, I was trying to think of something that would add stiffness without weight, the EVA was for a little comfort. Last was 3 oz leather that was oiled.

He was so happy when he received it. I think it was more the design though.


Nice idea! Never thought of a mouse pad! :grinning:


Awesome gift. I put this on the bottom of a cribbage board recently, so I get the whole LOTR fascination!


What a thoughtful gift! The best kind is when we personalize it to the giftee’s interests.


It turned out fabulous!

Love it!

If I may, how good is the resolution on your image? I’ve been wanting to replace the “private property - keep out” sign on our gate (here when we bought the place, probably placed there because of the pool) with this “speak friend and enter” image. Just haven’t been able to find a file “big” enough. (I want to do at least a 2’ tall plaque.) TIA

I got the file off the webs and cleaned it up in Inkscape. I’ll take a look when I get a chance and see.

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Here is my file that I used. Hope it helps