Special Assistant to The CEO

I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted here! :confounded:

Special Assistant to The Ceo
You are going to be our ultimate multiplier. Dan is called on to do dozens of things each day. You will to be the secret to making them all happen. With you, the idea that was created on a Monday is researched by Tuesday and sketched into a draft plan by Wednesday. He can be in three cities in a single day without missing a press interview or investor demonstration. He appears to have a supernatural recollection of important details, even though he actually the sort who tends to forget to bring clean socks.

What will you be doing, you might ask?
Taking on exploratory tasks like sourcing unusual materials, running down obscure products, and researching major purchases
Running errands, keeping things organized, pouring coffee down Dan’s throat when he forgets to do it himself
Diving deep into exploratory ideas, researching and building expertise quickly on subjects as diverse as startup financing, the ecosystem of players in the hardware community, and the mechanics of how CNC laser cutter/engravers work.
Owning, protecting, and streamlining Dan Shapiro’s madcap calendar including travel plans and events, domestically and internationally
Being “ghost Dan” from time to time by drafting emails, blog posts, and other written materials.
Learning new skills, advancing your abilities, and taking on ever greater challenges

Apply here :slight_smile:


“ghost Dan”

Huh… Bummer


That actually sounds like a cool job…shoot! Dan can’t afford me (or would want me?). :disappointed: - Rich


If I had lived in the area i would have applied a long time ago. But I’m not moving so that’s that.


What about Therese? Does @dan need two? It’s listed as a current opening.


That a pretty old listing isnt it? I remember a posting a sounded the same within the first couple of months of launch.


Not that I recall. I’ve looked through the job listings periodically and don’t remember seeing it until recently. They advertised it on Facebook maybe a month or so ago? Figured it had been posted here but it hadn’t.


Administrative assistant is one of the hardest jobs I’ve seen in the tech industry. They are the real superstars who operate behind the scenes, under tremendous pressure, with little thanks. I don’t even know 90% of what they do, but I strongly suspect that without it, time and space would simply decohere into gray goo. If I had to fake my way through a job I know nothing about, I’d have a better chance of success at air traffic controller than being an admin for a day.


Sounds like it would be excellent training for someone who wanted to have his/her own business one day.

Hope he finds one. :relaxed:


I’ve seen the same in the EPC industry. The administrative assistants are freaking rock stars.


well said !


When I interned for EY (London Headquarter) I was assigned to be a “Special Assistant” to one of the partners for a week while his real assistant took vacation.

List of things I had to do:

-Drop off/Pick up Dry Cleaning (aka go to P3 since EY has in house dry clean service) And arrange his suits by designer Eg: A for Armani, etc…
-Buy Christmas presents for his 6 “girlfriends” - had to put sticky notes and remind him what I got for each girlfriend - so he doesn’t forget
-Order his healthy organic/gluten free/No GMO blah blah breakfast, lunch and dinner
-Take notes in meetings, call for translators, reply a bazillion emails and texts (Including the ones to his girlfriends) “Sugar, Dinner is still on tonight, town-car will pick you up at 7 xoxo”
-Brief him every morning on important meetings/to-do of that day while he watches the highlights of his beloved Chelsea F.C. on TV in his office
-Listen to his jokes and compliment how he looks “sharp”

I can go on… it was an interesting experience…


Some assistants are more special than others.


So special!

I had to write a report every week to document my internship… had to BS that week because “Reply intimate texts to one of boss’s girlfriends” didn’t sound appropriate… :unamused:


So you’ve already got experience…you should apply for the job. (Chuckle!) :wink:


Eww. Executives needing help managing their calendar is one thing. But personal errands and skeevy texts… just, ugh.


I’m just thankful it was only for 1 week LOL
At least he was easy on the eyes… made the situation more bearable…


LMAO and wondering what the reaction would have been should a male member of the forum have posted that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But it (& the EY partner salary) was probably why he was juggling 6 girlfriends and not just 4 :grinning:


This Stat is from 2014

EY partners’ average salary rises to £727,000 as profits jump. Partners at EY enjoyed a near 12 per cent average pay rise to £727,000 last year after a strong performance from the Big Four accountancy firm.

£727,000 = $906,569.00 USD (Not including huge bonuses)

I say he can sustain 6 girlfriends - lol lol lol


It’s the wife (or wives) that get expensive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: