Specialty Acrylic Sources

Does anyone have recommendations where to get specialty acrylics (glitter, mirror, pearl, ect.) I’ve checked out Inventables but am not sure where else to check. Any recommendations would be appreciated!


TAP Plastics also has funky ones, but ordering blanks can be complicated (they seem to presume you want to order a finished object)

Estreet plastics has a bunch and are quite inexpensive.

JohnsonPlastics has some variety.

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I have never purchased from them, but they’ve got some really fun acrylics: https://galaxyplastic.com/


I purchase mirrored acrylic from http://www.delviesplastics.com

They are a small family owned business and are so great to deal with! All of my orders have shipped very quickly and they offer discounts for 2+ items.

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I’ve tested their acrylic sheets and they cut/engrave nicely!


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