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What he said!

Honeycomb is good at providing a surface for small items to sit on, cf knife type beds, nail type beds but it does have its problems. All the marks you see on honeycomb beds are not burns but where through cut residue has stuck to it. You need to keep it free of any small pieces of material that get stuck inside it instead of falling through, they can reduce the airflow taking fumes/smoke away from the underside of the cut and allow more residue build up on the honeycomb and on the underside of the material. Get enough material in a honeycomb cell and it increases the chance of a small fire. I run a vacuum cleaner over mine weekly.


Oh crud - I guess I’m going to have to pull that thing out and dust it off.


Do you have any tips or experience on cleaning the honeycomb to knock down the build up?


That’s what she… I mean yeah … find that vacumn - good idea !:neutral_face:


Not as yet, I haven’t got enough of a build up to worry about it. I’ll get out there, in the next littlewhile, with some solvents and cotton buds, give a few a try, and let you know if I have any success,


Thanks. I am thinking of the non-regular users going “Ewww, why is that so dirty?” or “Will that stain my {whatever project they are working on}?” :rolling_eyes:


If you don’t have the vacuum, you can probably just pop it out, flip it over and bang it a few times. That might be easier.


Yeah…might do that instead…:relaxed:


I would have to undo 8 or 10 bolts to do that and I’m not certain that, away from its frame, the honeycomb would take kindly to that kind of treatment.


We haven’t designed or tested for that, so I’m afraid I don’t know. [quote=“PFI-Guy, post:165, topic:3587, full:true”]
Do you have any tips or experience on cleaning the honeycomb to knock down the build up?

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but - the honeycomb has an open area on the bottom for detritus to fall, and a slot at the front so you can just tip and shake the whole thing in the garbage.

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That’s a nice touch!


This is obviously feature creep. I’m concerned. :smiling_imp:




I vacuum mine weekly. To clean the staining I spray it with isopropyl alcohol and the use gojo orange cleaner on a large (4") fingernail type brush I got off Amazon. Then a rinse and back in (it pops out on the 60W machine - I have a nail bed for the K40). I don’t really get any honeycomb specific residue - just the backflow from the material cut itself so although it looks sketchy, it’s not really a problem to have a smokey honeycomb.


On the topic of tray and all and cleaning… As this is supposed to be retail and appear to non tech non manual things people most of js fine with a brush to clean it but I know someone going to try the dishwasher… So dishwasher safe?


I believe the tray is made from aluminium, although I think I may have read that it’s “handily magnetic”, if it is aluminium then that would be a no to dishwasher detergent. Aluminium and caustic preparations don’t play well together.


The tray is not aluminum as they have said that it is ferrous so that a magnet will stick to it.
It may be stainless of some type or a plain mild steel. Some stainless alloys do fine with dishwasher detergent, some not so much. Perhaps they will let us know what it is.


All you doing is making thing thing less and less desirable. Also, I can’t get to the web site to check when I actually ordered this dud so I know what part of the “next” year we’ll need to wait.


You can send them an e-mail asking for the exact date of your order, or if you have the confirmation e-mai from the time you purchased the GF it should have the date…

The mail is (I believe so) support@glowforge.com


I’d like to be able to stack pancakes instead of washers, but there is no standard thickness, so this could be an issue. However I could etch pictures onto them, then eat them. There will need to be a pancake etching setting.:grin: