Specs update


My cheap toaster has a thin metal crumb tray that can easily be slid out of the toaster to empty the crumbs into the compost bucket.


In my case it’s totally the opposite, I want it more every day, and in the meantime I’m studying F360 and other softwares to create my designs.


My toaster can do some bread etching, but I think the Glowforge will do it better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My toaster only has a 6x5" bed size :slight_frown:


My toaster etches both sides at once! Probably only in the hopper for the Forge.


Toaster weaknesses:

  • 1x1 resolution
  • Gradient issues
  • Limited materiel compatibility
  • Limited format support (0)

It’s strengths:

  • Batch processing
  • Double sided printing
  • No internet requirement




You’re wrong about the limited format support. It supports every format in the world, just as long as you’re willing to live with the single-pixel mapping and manual gamut control.


Technically it wasn’t a requirement :wink:

“However, a human being still had to insert the bread.” and I assume they could operate it manually, definitely a feature though.

What I found a more terrifying internet addition:

Atleast they could only flush it and not operate a bidet :astonished: :flushed: :heart_eyes:


They added a robot arm to drop bread in :slight_smile:

I just got an Opal ice machine (Kickstarter) and it’s bluetooth connected so I can set it when to make ice or stop and turn the lights on or off. It’s cool. I thought it was just tech pandering until I decided I wanted the night light on and used the app. (There’s only one glowing button to make the machine work.)



Of course they did. I love the ridiculous nature of my kind, engineers in any field are a bit crazy. Internet engineers are, however, a cut above.

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)

A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers



how do you like it? i’ve been tempted…


I thought it would be nice. But then it got here and I think it’s great. :slight_smile: I was a Kickstarter backer.

It’s one of those things you really don’t need - it just makes ice. But the ice is so cool - little nuggets the diameter of a pencil eraser and maybe twice as long. I’m amazed at how long they last in a glass of soda. The thing makes a ton of it. I was originally getting it to supplement our refrigerator’s ice maker (we have french door refrigerator so the ice bin is fairly small) for parties & summer when the family uses it by the bucket (or large water bottle anyway). But I got it last month and we haven’t shut it off yet. It’s just one of those neat 1st World things I get to have for working so much :slight_smile:


Patiently waiting for mine. Ordered after Kickstarter. Should be here in a while. Looks like a Laser and Ice race. I did get my Pinbot 3000 though.

Glad your happy with the Opal.


I was #1750 I think and they were spot on with the delivery vs the detail schedule they published a couple/few months ago for when my number would come up.


Hot diggity. I think you might’ve just sold me on them.


:smile: We had another standalone ice maker that was good but not great. It made regular ice. The volume wasn’t as large as the Opal either in water reservoir or bin capacity. (The reservoir holds half a gallon of water which is multiple bins full.)

Oh, downside alert - the ice nuggets are a PITA to clean up if you spill a glass with a few hundred of them in it. (Yep, happened to me last night.) Either vacuum them up or dust pan or hot cloth. No picking them all up by hand or with a towel :slight_smile:


Just checked my order status. Ordered on July 3rd. Last email said delivery by December 31. No request for shipping address yet. :weary:


Note - digression from. GF delivery conversation. Below is related to Opal question from above.

Oh, so you’re pre-order, not a backer?

Here’s the latest schedule I got (for the Opal).

Current Delivery Estimate Timeline
Orders Projected Delivery

Indiegogo Backers
1-1400 DELIVERED! October 24th – November 4th

Indiegogo Backers
1401-2700 SHIPPED! November 7th – 18th

Indiegogo Backers
2701-4000 By December 2nd

Indiegogo Backers
4001-5300 By December 9th

Remaining Indiegogo Backers
By December 16th

NuggetIce.com Customers Who Purchased Prior to September 1st
Delivered By December 31st

Remaining NuggetIce.com Customers
More Details Coming Soon