Speed Square

I’ve been needing one of these in the shop for a while, so I whipped one up in illustrator and printed it!

The cutouts are slightly offset from the measuring markers so that a pencil will draw true.

The text/lines are scored and I rubbed in some white acrylic paint (no idea if it will last)

Used some 0.19" grey semi-transparent acrylic from Tap Plastics.

Settings on basic:

  • Cuts 130 speed / Full Power
  • Score 300 speed / 30 power (cut went ~20% in)

And the SVG and AI file if you want to cut your own. Probably not useful since you’d have to have exactly 0.19" material for the measurements to be true. (scaling will throw everything off)

Speed Square.ai (155.9 KB)


Oh, one thing I’d change (if you intend to make one). The fingers protrude ever so slightly out of the base, and that makes it not useful as a vertical square tool. So they could use a little shortening. I’ll probably just sand mine flat.


Great design! Thank you for sharing!

I moved it into Beyond the Manual because of the settings.

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Very nice design! And thanks so much for sharing it! :grinning::+1:


When I get my GF, I plan to make one of these contraptions for measuring angles, etc.



Wow! I haven’t seen one of those in years. I used one once to build a mortarless pizza oven. Between the gauge and a bit of trigonometry I was able to calculate the cuts needed in bricks in all dimensions to make them slot into each other without needing a mortar layer. Took a good awful extra pile of bricks though :slightly_smiling_face:


One highly organized pile of brick.

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