Sphere Pendant Light



I saw this design and had to try to remake it. The original design credit goes to Laser Artisan. If you haven’t seen his work, go check him out!

I used Fusion 360 to model all the parts even creating a parametric lattice hinge pattern along the sphere flat patterns. I used .18" Birch plywood from Lowes (Cut settings: 160/Full Power… ENGRAVE: Full Speed/Power 80). If your anything like me, I have yet to have a good experience with any lumber from Lowes, so I would recommend using better quality wood and would welcome any recommendations. I am pretty happy with the way the lattice pattern diffuses the light.


Wow! Great work!


Oh very lovely! :grinning:


Very nice! Great light patterns…


I am impressed with yur ingenuity and engineering.




It’s beautiful! Excellent job.


This is simply incredible!


Wow! It looks almost like metal with all of the kerfs.




Wow that’s well impressive. I consider myself pretty well armed when it comes to doing inkscape work and CAD but I can’t imagine designing that beast!


Oooo, fancy!! I just love it!