Spice Shaker, design inspired by the Ottoman Empire


What a beautiful design. Thanks for sharing!


If you are using PG plywood alcohol can dissolve the MDF glue that holds the sawdust together. If not it will dissolve the glue that holds the masking tape on also as well as smoke stains but the stains can get into the grain and be hard to remove.

A bigger problem is scorching slightly burns the wood downwind of a deep engrave. Maple is not so prone for either issue but it is something to watch.


Those are amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your file! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some cut before Christmas. :smiley:

And, if you’re really into smoked paprika, might I suggest this recipe for Crack Sauce? I use regular mayo (not miracle whip!) and 2-3 T of chipotle in adobo (which I run through the blender and freeze in T amounts for easy access). Since we’re a garlic loving family I use more garlic. And because more is better I usually end up using more lemon peel too. Ridiculously addictive, delicious with chips or veggies or tacos, it’s the reason I buy my smoked paprika in large quantities!


Beautiful and practical (even the extra part)! I love good design. Thanks so much!


This is absolutely gorgeous! What did you use to glue the sides together?




thank you!


Very nice design. Thanks for sharing


Made it and I just love it! Thank you so much for your generosity!! So happy to see it on my table.


Made this in Cherry wood and it is gorgeous.
I love the design of this box, especially the way the bottom slides in and leaves room for a cork or stopper. did you work this up yourself or did you find a box generator that drew it? i would like to make a smaller shaker but when this scales down the tabs are too short, wondering if there is a quick way to rework the design? thank you.


To remake the box, use https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ClosedBox
The settings I used were 90mm x 50mm x 50mm with a “burn” (kerf) of .07

https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ is a great resource – lots of good shapes in there.


thank you so much!!