Spice Shaker, design inspired by the Ottoman Empire

I love sweet smoked paprika. It was popularized by the Ottomans, who “discovered” it in the New World. It goes great on popcorn, eggs, rice… heck, almost anything. Advise as a topping, not as something you cook with as it burns and turns bitter very easily.

Of course, you can use this shaker for any spice, though if it’s a fine spice that should flow slowly (like salt) you might want to reduce the size of the holes.

Speaking of holes, the main hole on the bottom is meant to be plugged by a 1" rubber plug. In this design, I’ve also used an engraving to thin out the area around the hole for a perfect fit for this particular plug from Amazon.

Very easy design to assemble. Use a 3mm wood of your choice. The proof grade Maple plywood worked very nicely, using the “SD Graphic” engraving setting . To make the box a little more comfortable to hold, you might use sandpaper to round the vertical edges like you see I’ve done here.

Here’s the SVG file with both the cuts and the engraving. TIP: If you’re using proof grade materials, I recommend removing the masking tape from the top side prior to cutting. Otherwise, it’s a total pain to debone the engraving. Just use some windex or rubbing alcohol to rub off the smoke stains.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Well, this is just lovely! What a nice idea. And, thank you so much for sharing your file.

Wicked kewl design. :sunglasses:

I was looking at the second picture, what is it your using to hold down the panel?

again very nice design.


A beautiful design! played with a bit could be an amazing lamp!


Really beautiful shakers. I’ve never heard of sweet smoked paprika. I need to look some of that up. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, that’s amazing! You could split the bottom tabs into into two smaller tabs on either side of the lowest star, as to not interfere with it. How long is the print?

That is a perfect paprika design! :grinning:

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What a very cool project! Love the pattern and the unique practical use. I think this is the first set of Glowforged shakers I’ve seen. Well done! And, thanks for the design!

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Love the design - thanks for sharing!

I think it’s around 50 min. per shaker? Even at “SD” quality engraving, it’s a lot of engraving. Yes, I was lazy about the bottom tabs, silly not to have protected those lowest stars. Here’s the uncropped version of the Arabic design in case you want to crop it differently for yourself:


Very nice.

I love smoked paprika. I get the Spanish variety. One of my favorite spices is to grind granulated garlic, dried onion flakes, salt, smoked paprika, and toasted cumin seeds. I use this to dust almonds, peanuts, or pecans for toasting. It is amazing on toasted black eyed peas (check Alton Brown’s method). You can add some cayenne, ancho, or other dried chili to the mix for more or less heat.

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Thanks! I just might try it…

Thank you!
When Puff gets out of the hospital I think I might go for that lamp.

Wow! Thanks for the share!

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I am still confused between SD and HD graphic - ps this design is beautiful

those pins are awesome they should include them with Glowforge

What I meant by SD graphic is when you specify the engraving settings for the design, you can get away with Standard Definition (faster, something like 270 LPI) instead of much slower High Definition.