Spiral Swirl Decoration

We wanted spiral swirl decorations for my mom’s 80th birthday party, so I cut some on the Glowforge. I designed this for letter-size paper. Card stock holds the shape best. I made a sticky mat by spraying Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive on a large sheet of heavy cardstock to hold the paper in place and keep the spiral from un-spiraling inside the Glowforge. I put a hole in the center of the spiral so the decoration could be easily hung to a wire using an ornament hook.

You can see the swirl decorations in this photo amongst the Truffula trees and other chaos.

Yes, I recognize that a Dr. Seuss-themed party is a bit odd for an 80 year old, but, believe me, it suits her perfectly.

I hope this decoration livens up someone else’s party as well!

spiral swirl decoration


Happy birthday to your mom! Looks like a great party. I organized my mom’s 90th birthday party 7 years ago. I may have to steal your ideas for her 100th. Love the trees.


Those look great! I hope the party was a total blast!


Looks fantastic and I bet she’s going to love it!!

BTW - That looks like an LDS cultural hall if I’ve ever seen one! :wink:


Thanks for the share, and happy birthday to your mom.


Omigosh…what an amazing looking thing for your mom. Young at heart…that’s the whole thing.


Happy Birthday to the old gal.


Thanks for the share, this party is completely wonderful!


It was a great theme to work with. It would be fantastic for a 100th birthday party! The decorations were bright and fun. My sister created matching shirts for the whole family: Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts (I’m Thing 2 in my family) and Thing 3 and Thing 4 and etc., to include everyone in the order they joined the family by birth or marriage (up to Thing 62, which appeared on Thing 47’s belly). Here’s my shirt:

We rewrote Dr. Seuss stories to be about my mom’s life, and we made Dr. Seuss-themed games for the kids. I cut the signs for the games on the Glowforge (mostly foam board and cardstock–in come cases added paint), along with giant Happy Birthday letters (also foam board). Here they are before I loaded them in the car.

The signs went on poles like this to match the Truffula trees:

It was an epic celebration for the whole family! And the perfect way to honor our mom.


It was indeed. No better place to host a party. Or a basketball game, if the need arises.

I love everything about this!


Looks like a fun time and thanks for the share!!


Fun for any celebration! Thank you for sharing! And happy birthday to your Mom!


Wow! You pulled out all the stops! What a fabulous and fun party for your Mom and entire family!!

I’m a big lover of Dr. Suess. You did a great job, and the shirts are fabulous!


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using this for my son’s birthday party later in the summer. He wants the cute cartoon Amazing Spider Man and Friends, and while I can find plenty of birthday decorations with Spider-Man and his friends, he also wants the baddies there too and I haven’t found anything yet with them. Getting the feeling ol’ Maker Daddy is gonna have to do some makin’ :slight_smile:


If anyone can pull it off, @odzicari, you can! Your creativity knows no bounds.