Spirit Island Game Boards

Spirit Island is a cooperative board game. (Spirit Island | Board Game | BoardGameGeek) The boards are four identical cuts, but each with different terrain layout. We created custom terrains and then used alcohol paints. They turned out pretty awesome!


Welcome to the forum. This looks wonderful! Great first project to post.

Looks fun, great paint job!

Super cool. Love the paint and detail work.


Welcome to the forum. Nice project.

What a great project! I’m not a player of games but that looks like a really fun one, not to mention cool looking.

Great first post! The coloring turned out great!

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Wow! The boards turned out great! I love how you’ve colored them.

Love this. I have been making lots of game related items and love to see other’s work in this area as well. Thanks for sharing.

I LOVE IT! Spirit Island is great. Sounds like I’ve got a future project on my hands. :heart_eyes:

Hi, I would love a copy of these boards. They look amazing! Would you consider releasing the files or selling copies of the board themselves?

This is a gentle reminder that it is against forum rules to ask for files.