Spirograph gear design

Trying to make some extra gears to fit an original Spirograph for my granddaughter, but search as I might, I can’t find values for the pressure angle, nor the other data that I need to enter into Inkscapes gear generator, for example.
Does anyone know what they should be ?

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Wish I was home near a computer to figure it out. Have used that gear generator before and bought a Spirograph about a year ago to play with the GF. Haven’t got around to it.

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Maybe something useful here?


Here is a file I got online you can use. Just delete my logo. :o)



Thanks, Nancie, that will save me a ton of work ! (Logo deleted :smiley: )

John :upside_down_face:


No problem, I got it as a free file. I made several sets and used them at the New York maker fair last year. They were a hit. The square part fit into some boxes I got at a craft store.
Here is a video I made of the event. You can see the Spirograph boxes in action.


I like the idea of the box - it gets rid of the problem of fixing the outer gear with pins.
I am assuming that these integrate/mesh with the original Spirograph gears ?

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Love these. I might have to make my own set now !
Same question as to Nancy - do these mesh with the original Spirograh gears ?
I realise that you may have scaled them up, but it would be great if they did.

I don’t know if they would fit. I lost all the pieces from my original long ago.

Think of it as more of an artisanal heirloom set.

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I have not tried them with the original set. I know the little holes have to be big enough for a pen or pencil to fit down into. I think I fixed this file to do so, but do check.