One day I hope to contribute something to this community that is useful or cool, perhaps even both. Alas! today is not that day.

Was going to post this as a reply in a thread in the the tips section but thought might be better here (please feel free to move/delete)

Anyways, it seems the 2018 Chemistry ignobel went to

researchers who quantified the cleaning power of human saliva. Nearly 30 years ago, conservators Paula Romão and Adília Alarcão teamed up with late University of Lisbon chemist César Viana to find out why conservators preferred their own saliva to any other solvent for cleaning certain objects—with the goal of finding a more hygienic substitute. Compared with popular solvents, saliva was the superior cleaning agent, particularly for gilded surfaces.

See Article in C&E News


I hear it’s tough to take off those last few pounds. :laughing:


Oh, I don’t know. I think the article was both useful and cool! I particularly liked the one about riding on roller coasters to help pass kidney stones. A very useful treatment indeed.


But you want to sit in the back. (And you probably want to bring a spare pair of pants for after you pass them.) :rofl:


FWIW, spit is also really good for getting blood stains out of clothing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think mothers know, at least mine did. I couldn’t count the number of times she would lick her finger and rub off some smudge off my face…


Hey, regarding your avatar…i saw “The Shining” for the first time yesterday…pretty scary little flick. :no_mouth:


Her-e’s Johnny!


It’s Mother Nature’s way of boosting kids’ immune systems – mom’s spit (from kisses and face-washings) conveys herd immunity. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen it and one day I probably will. I just don’t have any motivation to watch it even though I’ve only heard good things about it.
How scary? Can you compare it to another movie?


My wife rubs spit on bruises just because that’s how her mom take care of booboos.


Not as bad as “Saw”. It’s more creepy and psychologically suspenseful on a par with something like “Silence of the Lambs”.


I like creepy and psychologically suspenseful, “Silence of the Lambs” is definitely a good one.


You’ll like it then. The acting is excellent from all the players, but Nicholson slays it.
(No pun intended.) :smile:


I saw it some 20yrs ago and it was creepy - more silence of the lambs is. Less disturbing (in some ways) than say Misery.
Maybe watch One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest first (I need to watch that again too)


I just saw Ready Player One over weekend (skippable) - lots of 80s references including to Shining


Better than Dads perhaps, I hear they use windex …



Elevators of Spit

(maybe ok band name)


The scene where she broke his ankle made me cringe. I still cringe thinking about it. :grimacing:


I prefer hydrogen peroxide… Although my surgeon wife (on the medical service I rarely get bled on) just uses a crap ton of spray n’wash…