Split cost of gold mirror cast acrylic 1/8"

Hi, I have been searching around for gold mirror cast acrylic and I found a place in LA that sells them at a good price in a 4’ x 8’ sheet. Trouble is I don’t need that much acrylic. To cut down into 16 12" x 20.5" sheets to fit the Glowforge tray it comes to $400 (which works out to $25 a sheet). Super reasonable for that size. Anyone interested in going halfsies with me?

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I’m skeptical about the “cast” part. Almost every acrylic mirror I have seen is extruded. You’re sure about the cast part? And you’re sure you actually need it? Unless you’re doing first-surface engraves I’d say it’s definitely optional to get cast.

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Have you checked out Trotec materials? A sheet of 23.94" x 11.93" mirror gold acrylic is 20.50, plus tax and shipping. For 16 sheets, which I know you don’t want that many, but shipping is free since it’s over $300. The total is actually $353.42 with my local tax rate in Orange County…and I don’t have to carry it home, the shipping is fast, I usually get everything within a week.


If you mean Troglass mirror… looks like it’s extruded.


If we’re cool with extruded, there are etsy resellers, 3/50$ precut for the glowforge.

Gold Mirror Acrylic Glowforge Ready 3-Pack 1/8th | Etsy?

If you want a lot lot for the absolute cheapest, order full sheets from alibaba, 12 full 4x8’ sheets for $44, who knows on shipping cost and times, but that’s crazy cheap, like $0.22 per glowforge-sized sheet. Mental!



Oh, you’re right. I only read the metallic description. The metallic is cast. I never paid attention because I never had to buy the mirrored stuff before, only metallic.

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Mirrored acrylic is extruded.

Thanks so much for the info! That is even better. : ) I will take a look.

Thanks! I will look into that. Probably too late to get for my project, but good to know for the future.

Not sure, this is my first acrylic project. I need to engrave on the front side of the mirror, not the back.

What is the difference between extruded and cast? I’m a newbie to acrylic…

The forum is your jaaaam.


The gist is that cast engraves “whiter” than extruded and maybe some smell difference. Read on for details.


These guys have all sorts of acrylic, and the free shipping over $100 is a good deal. They come in sizes that are a little smaller than the GF Proofgrade, but otherwise are still a decent deal. https://houstonacrylic.com/


I’m not sure if I should thank you or not, for that link. They have some nice colors! Can’t wait to see how they turn out as drop spindles (mega bling! twirling around, mesmerizing…)


Haha, I basically said the same thing when someone else shared the link to me. My bank account got a little lighter that day :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the info! Can’t wait to try this out.

This was super dangerous… My cart and bank account are dangerous levels right now.


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