Split Images - aligning, snap together & locking

It was too big to attach. :wink:


Sadly, I have AI CS3 and don’t use enough features to justify cloud version.

Oh, I recombined the one you sent and it should work - check the PM. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not splitting is your recommendation - Shrink size, lower resolution or lower LPI.

So what if I had to split it and wanted to align the edges…? It’s a path I will continue to explore. …because I just…can’t… let it go!

Dude! You’re worse than me! :smile:

If you have to split it, split it around the dots not through them. The edges of the selected quadrants do NOT have to be even, you just need to split it in a program like Photoshop, save it according to the instructions in that tutorial I linked with a transparent background, and when you bring them into Illustrator a simple alignment to center will line the parts up perfectly. With no overlap. And rough edges. It’s pretty cool. :smile:

This is decidedly easier when engraving vectors.

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True, but that many vectors would definitely choke the interface. :nauseated_face:

Great suggestion to have the transparent background to aid alignment. I also haven’t tried splitting it as a vector. I’m busy on a sailboat fitting right now… I’m oscillating between intense focus and ADHD.

The pop rivet brads will be removed…

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Break paths and items apart.

Group the chunks.

Rasterize each chunk.

Import the rasters into your svg.

Align and scale the rasters.

Engrave each section separately.


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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

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