Split lettering

After watching a few youtube videos and still learning inkscape, I got into work! I didnt use proofgrade materials but it came out pretty decent.


Looks nice. I’d recommend masking for something like this to keep everything clean, but it’s a good start.

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Oddly I did. It just was a little too powerful in that one area. I thought I saw a video of someone using alcohol or something to clean up the char marks

just a light sanding should take care of it.

it’s possible that you just didn’t get those areas brayed down well enough (using a hard edge like a credit card) and when it cut, it peeled up a little. or maybe the wood was a little rough and a rough surface doesn’t hold the masking as well, so a little sanding ahead of time will make the masking hold down better.


Alcohol, vinegar, or Windex put on wipes all do lovely work cleaning off char.