Split Ring or Jump Ring

I am having a hard time finding split rings or jump rings that I can get over my 1/8" material without scratching. I did buy the Split ring pliers from michaels. Is there different sizes? This sure doesnt open the rings far.

For dog tags/ keychains



The ones with an easy open tang work well. Like this

There’re all over in weird places like the hardware store and online.
I’ve found little ones at my local Daiso.


I must get these! Thanks for the post. Regular split rings are really secure; so secure that I can’t get things on or off.

@scoobydoo you might try a pair of jump rings. This reduces the chance that you will lose the dangle. I did this when I added somethign to a chain that absolutely could not take heat. Make sure you open and close them the right way


Another option is to make a little jig that you slip in to hold them open while you install them. I’ll see if I can find the one I did - it’s just a wedge that you twist, like a T-handle.

Actually - like a holddown pin, but without the slots to allow flex.

Edit - here’s the one I made (just the bitmap, I had it in a Powerpoint doc I use for sketches like this.) I scaled it in the workspace to get a size that worked the rings I was using.


These are the ones I use. I also place it in a vise and use a butter knife to open the split ring.


Carabiners. :smile:

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Just an FYI. I saw a neat hack on how to pen those stubborn jump rings and it actually works! I also have the special pliers, but for my key ring holders I use a staple remover.
Pick one up at Walmart or Dollar Store cheap. Because they have 2 teeth, they hold the jump ring/key ring open pretty good. Unfortunately, the smaller jump rings are a pain so I just use 2 adjoining split rings instead. Much faster to apply to my product and less hassle! Good luck!

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I had the same problems and I thought there MUST be a tool that does this…and there is…

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