Spooky earrings for Halloween

I made these spooky earrings for my wife and mother in-law for Halloween.
Very happy with them as were they.
Acrylic and wood.



Those both look SO nice! I gotta get off my duff and whip out holiday-appropriate earrings!!


That’s a cool use of the spider web. I was thinking of just cutting silhouettes on cardstock for decorations but shrinking down to earring size is a good idea.


nice design, what are the top ones made out of?

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I would feel I had something crawling on me.

Very cool! :grinning:

They’re a frosted acrylic spiderweb with a black acrylic spider.
The bottom is birch spiderweb and walnut spider.
The light doesn’t do the best job of showing them.

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They look cool, but I wouldn’t want to wear them.