Spork case and coffee sleeve

For a Secret Santa I did the GF coffee sleeve customized with the giftee’s business logo (Superior - Weaving . Com) and a personal photo, plus an engraved leather spork case I designed for a bio-plastic spork. All on non-proofgrade leather using the thick leather settings and 2-pass cuts


Here’s the blank spork case SVG, configured for 3mm holes for the lacing and snap hardware.
spork case


Thank you so much.

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I like the spork graphic on the case!

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Thanks, I just wanted a simple graphic, used a sumi-e brush in Procreate

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Very nice gifts! All the secret Santa gifts I’ve seen on this forum have been so well thought out and well executed. I can’t help thinking their gifts are the ones everybody else wishes they got.

And thanks for the file!


Terrific work!

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What a nice gift. Very kind of you to share your file. Thank you!