Sports Awards made with wood and acrylic LED lighting

The first set of our Stadium Stand Ups are completed

In total there are 5 poses and 4 backgrounds included in a 2 layer, 3 layer version along with a single layer engrave option that was designed to use in LED bases. You will have the ability to dd players name, numbers, team names, or any type of text you desire, making them great for awards. All designs were cut and engraved using a Glowforge and made with 1/4" maple for Home Depot which was then stained or painted. The Engraved designs were made using 4mm clear acrylic.

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Those turned out great. I especially like the ones with the red and blue in them. Thanks for sharing.


Agreed. Nicely done!


Personalized with jersey numbers and name will be a huge hit.
Whole tier above the usual plastic trophy given with just a name across the bottom.