Spray painting help needed

Anyone else have issues with spray painting wood objects cut on the GF? We use maple plywood and have really good results with cutting. When we go to paint, we use primer filler. Then apply spray paint and the edges on the flat surface look obviously different than the rest of the object. Anyone have an opinion or use other methods. It’s beyond frustrating as we go through so much just to toss it and start over.

Are you masking the material after you paint it?

If not, check out #1a:


We mask the plain wood before we cut then paint it after its cut.

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Clean the wood first after cutting, I bet the char is migrating through the liquid paint.


and you remove the masking before you paint and you still get that effect? It looks like the residue from the cut which should be removed with the masking is still there?

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I was just thinking that. I wonder if the glue from the masking melts into the wood therefore not allowing the paint to stick. But my wife says she sands them before she primes them!

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Sand it?

Sanding will definitely work, but might be more work than you’d like. I might start with a damp paper towel on the edges then maybe spray it with a sealer, let it dry and then paint.


I’ll just offer my experience which may not help.

I don’t think I’ve ever used spray paint after cutting. If I want a painted surface, I don’t think I’ve ever used pre=masked/proofgrade - it’s mostly been fiberboard, then I mask over that.

Anything I color after cutting, I’m using acrylic that I brush on.

For light colors, I will often use “Kilz” which is a heavy white product designed to cover stains and such, then brush acrylic over that. I can’t think of a time I ever applied a spray.

BUT it might help if you apply Kilz first, then spray.

Again, just offering up ideas. I can’t say it will work.


Thank you for your opinion. We like to paint the edges to match the color of the object to give it a clean cut look. It is def. A pain.

It’s really the same as what Evan said - Kilz works like a sealer or primer. That’s just what I use because I have it.


I use Hardcore2 spray paint and after it dries I add another coat, then I spray on a semi gloss acrylic. I cut and paint about 125 pairs of wood earrings a month.

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I like spray painting the wood first, allowing to dry, then masking and cutting. It works nicely. I use Rustoleum paint + primer.


Yeah this is definitely the way to go for most things.

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