Spray Painting Wood

Hey guys!!

So I’ve been having a little trouble lately with painting and all. I’m still in my beginner stage, and I’ve done lots of trial and error. I want to know what you guys do when painting these type of items. Spray painting is great honestly, but my problem is, it’s almost always a little blotchy. Is
It because I’m using a spray paint without a primer? Someone ended up picking up lots of spray paint that didn’t include primer, but the paint can still be put to good use. Please let me know your tips and tricks. :heart:


I always prime first, even if the paint is primer paint. I also sand before laser, after laser and after primer.


You could try using a sanding sealer (Varathane brand makes one) to prepare the wood for painting so that the paint doesn’t sink in. This is especially useful when I use very porous materials, like MDF which soaks up my spray paint like a sponge. The sanding sealer is easy to apply, you can use a cheap sponge brush to apply it, and it cleans up with water.

And primer, primer is always good too :wink:


I love this mini wax sealer. It completely covers the grain so you get a really nice painted finish. It’ll even make the sides of MDF appear smooth. Also only takes an hour to dry before you can paint.


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