Spray tray tool

One of the cool things about GlowForge is that it is also a problem-solver. I needed a way to spray cut items with clear gloss or paint without lying them flat, and so cobbled up this bed-of-nails approach. Everything slots together out of 1/8" MDF, although I suppose cardboard would work too. There’s a hole in the ends so multiple trays can be linked together. This thing is a foot square, and requires 11 pieces each of the top and bottom runners. I’ve put the .svg files up on the Free Designs category if anyone else is so inclined.


Thank you! This would work well for Bed tray adjustments. I use a cardboard box with bamboo skewers as a paint/stain booth.


Thank you. This will be helpful to many of us.

Nice job! It looks painful, but effective!

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! This should prove most useful for all of us arty-crafty types…

Thank you!!! I definitely can use this :slight_smile:

got the file thank you

Also a novelty seat cushion!