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Springfield Leather Company (https://www.springfieldleather.com/) has been my go-to for veg-tanned (and other) leather since I received my GF. I just received an email saying that Springfield Leather is now “partnering” with Glowforge. What does this partnership mean? Well, it looks like you can get a referral discount if you are planning a GF purchase, but not sure that means a lot to those of us who already have a machine. I think the real benefit is that they state they use a GF on a daily basis. This means that when/if you call for information on a specific leather, you have a real chance of talking to someone who not only knows what a GF is, but who actually uses one and could theoretically do a test cut on the leather before you buy. Yes, there are other leather companies that I use, but none seem to be laser-aware. I think this is great news!

Here’s a excerpt from their announcement. (most was just saying how great the GF is and what is does):

Springfield Leather Company and Glowforge
are Teaming up!

“We’re the only leather company to offer this!! We use this machine on a daily basis, we even have one in our retail showroom- so come visit us and try it out for size! If we can make money with this machine, you can too. And, since we have many folks here at SLC versed in the ins and outs of all things Glowforge, we’ll be happy to assist in helping you reach success with your own machine.”


That’s good to know - thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing! This is really great opportunity–though would be nice if the offer was extended to existing owners, as you noted.

My guess is GF is working with them for obtaining the Proof Grade leathers. But will be great source if they can provide setting range for other hides they offer! And I’ll check them out.

I actually don’t use PG leather. I’ve rarely had any issue etching any veg or oil tanned leathers from any source due to the GF–usually artwork or user error if it doesn’t come out well. Most of my projects I use thicker leathers than the PG “thick”, though also work with 1 oz to 10 oz hides, and various species: cowhide, bull, bison, lambskin, goatskin, kidskin… Super happy how easy the etching is, but cutting I typically either finish by hand, or do completely by hand since I don’t make the same items over and over again very often… or just to avoid pieces blowing around (for thin or very mellow leathers).


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