Spyderco Para 3

I didn’t find any postings when searching so I thought I’d ask. I bought a spyderco para 3 (black) as a a gift and was wondering if anyone had experience engraving one or similar. I didn’t want to just experiment on it.



They sell knife scales that you could use as a blank design. or if you want to print on metal then any similar metal would do. There are a lot of sources that sell knife scales from really exotic woods.
This is one that goes really exotic in knife scales

You would have some hand finishing after but could look great!


Thanks for the info and link! I wanted to engrave the blade. It has G10 scales, I wasn’t sure those would be laser safe. I may try doing the clip as it would be an cheap replace.

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You could engrave the black off the blade fairly easily without special marking stuff that would put down black (over shiny). Again such metal to experiment on should be available at a much lower price. Some circles would respect something like snakewood more and others the most “true” military-style. As the Glowforge is capable of the precision needed, IMHO, I would go for the Snakewood or perhaps Blackwood if Snakewood was over pricey.

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