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I’m attempting to make a hair bun holder for my MIL with an engraved photo of her beloved deceased husband. I’ve watched a youtube video and have succeeded in turning the square photo into a circle but it still prints like a square. I’ve tried emailing the author of the video but he’s not responding. Can anyone tell me how to make the photo print as a circle?
George.pdf (225.9 KB)

What program are you using?
You can’t make a square into a circle. You can crop the corners off of the square to make it circular. There are a few ways to do this depending on your software.

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If it’s still engraving as a square, you likely used a clipping mask approach. The app doesn’t support clipping masks, so it removes them and you’re back at square one.

For Illustrator, you’d select the clipping mask and object (it should select them together), and go to Object > Rasterize.

For Inkscape, you’d make a bitmap copy.


This ^^^^^^
It is well known that only Aliens can crop circles.


You could also import your picture into a photo editing program and erase the square edges. One way (and this could be the long way) is to open the pic in inkscape, create a circle the size you want on the pic, save it and open it in your photo editing software. Then using the cirlce as a template you erase everything outside it and save that. Re-open in inkscape and delete the circle. You now have a round picture.

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Thanks for all the feedback. To answer mprather, I’m using Inkscape; to rbtdanforth, that does explain a lot, however - ffbbllltttt; to beerfaced, that’s a good idea. Paint should accomplish that.

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An image clipping mask in Inkscape can be made permanent by using Edit > Make Bitmap Copy of the clipped image and then go to Object > Object list - find the clipped group and poke it in the eye.

Yes Paint works. I have done this many times.

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